Transformation of the month has been a little quiet lately.  There’s been a lot going on in the world of EHG Hair lately.  So apologies for being so absent for so many months.  Any way, I’m hoping you’ll all forgive me with this super TOTM with our gorgeous Mother & Daughter combination, Tina and Faith.

Tina had short mid length hair and fancied a bit more vavavoom to her own hair.  We installed 100g of Strands by EHG in 18″ and then cut and styled to blend with Tina’s own natural hair for a fabulously natural finished look.


Faith on the other hand was a little different.  Faith had started to grow out an undercut and desperately needed help in getting past the awkward stages.  She’d tried many times to grow it out and failed, so Faith enlisted the help of EHG.


                              We decided a weave would be best for Faith and after an agreement on aftercare we installed 150g of 20″ hair which we think you’ll all agree, looks absolutely awesome.


You ladies were amazing, thank you for being a joy in the salon, now for you both to go and conquer the world.  #happynewhairday #ehghair